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Dear Michiyo,
I followed the Olympic games on your sides. I'm Wolfgang from Germany living in Amsterdam/Netherlands. I love wintersports. I grew up in the mountains of Switzerland. I like to thank you very much for your beautiful sides and good comments you gave. I know it's hard working for you to do. I wish you good luck and please go on writing!!! When I have time I read your reports of other sports sides.
Arigato gozaimasu!!! Sayonara

Hey! Very nice WebPage!
I took part in the Biathlon competitions (cross country and shooting) We, the Norwegian biathletes, didn't do so very well in those Olympics, -88 and -92. (I was number 8 on the 20 km in 92) But three weeks after the Olympics, we did several good competitions. Some of my friends from the national biathlon team those years, are in Nagano now. Best wishes for the Olympics! It seems very well organized. I found a site where one can email athletes in the Nagano Olympics...(if others are asking the same question as I did...) The adress is:
Have a nice time!

Hi, Michiyo.
My nickname is Dr. Bass. I'm from Russia (from Siberia with L-O-V-E) My interest is Nagano Olympic Games. Of course I've enjoyed of a great win of Hiroyasu Shimizu in men's speed skating! In Siberia very popular sports are Ice-Hockey, of course /by the way we call it just 'Hockey'/,Soccer and many other winter sports. By the way, if you're thinking that in Siberia it's very cold - you're mistaking. Of course in winter it's cold /minus 30-40C/, but in summer it's fine /plus 20-30/. We're glad of the season weather! And stop thinking that in Siberia brown bears are walking down the streets! We have no bears allowed! We've got an ecological problems from technical progerss! For example, I have seen the real bear just one time - in the cage in zoo! See ya!

Dr. Bass
The Russians did very well at the Winter Olympics. Congratulations! Larisa Lazutina was terrific. So were the ice dancers. You must have been very excited. How did you enjoy ice hockey? Did you think you'd be playing against the Czech in the final game?

Dear Michiyo!
As I know you are really impressed by our Larissa Lazutina. So I decided to inform you about her new rank. She has become a Hero of Russian Federation and this rank by the way is the top award in our country and most respectual. Of course, I dissappointed by the defeat of our (coolest) Ice Hockey team. But after many defeats at the last World Championships, I think that second place is not too bad. Oh, I'm very impressed by Golden Jumps of Japenese flying skiers. They are the best flyers all over the world. There is no doubt.

This time in Russia is the Soccer time. Yesterday (March 29) was taking a start the Football Championship of Russia. The russian football teams did well in Euro cups. And of course this time is for Basketball. Our CSKA goes versus Partisent in Euro cup!
Eternally yours Artyom (alias Dr. Bass)

Dear Michiyo Ishida
Thank you very much for your answer to my message and the information you have given me. In fact,my daughter Isabelle Duchesnay is travelling to Nagano as a television announcer for the French network during the olympics. She and her brother Paul were world figure skating champions in ice dancing in 1991 and French television has asked Isabelle to assist in Nagano. She will follow your advice and get set up when she gets to Japan. Again, thank you very much!

Henri Duchesnay

Dear Michiyo,
I am czech and I have my hot iron in the fire in this hockey tournament and you eased my curious mind to let me know about the schedule.I think Czech Republic hockey team will have a difficult position to face such teams but I hope we will succeed in there. I wish to be there but you know how far it is and how demanding for money... Anyway I will be at TV and watch. Thanks for your help and enjoy these (surely the best and most beautiful in the history) I am very looking forward to that whole show :-))) bye

(a czech player Patera has my name too ,and Pavel Bure of the russian team as well )
If only I could see a final Japan-Czech republic- but some of these teams will surely not make the final . Guess which ?
ha ha ha

(neither one)

Hey Pavel!
You should have had more confidence about your ice hockey team. They were terrific. Especially the goalkeeper Mr. Hasek. Is everybody in the Czech Republic excited about the hockey victory? How about you?

Hello Michiyo,
First of all I would like to congratulate you and your country on the most beautiful Olympic Games I have ever seen. Maybe I have been a bit influenced by the exquisite joy of the great hockey miracle to say this but I really think it was the summit of all in the history of the winter sports. Of course all the Czechs watched hockey the most of all but we are the hockey country with the giant traditions in this sport. YOU CANNOT IMAGINE WHAT HAS BEEN GOING ON HERE BECAUSE OF ICE-HOCKEY PEOPLE GOT UP SOON IN THE MORNING BECAUSE OF THE GAMES . THEY MOSTLY DIDN'T GO TO WORK. THEY SCREAMED LIKE DEVILS WHEN OUR TEAM SCORED. THEY GOT NERVOUS. THEY COLLAPSED. THEY WERE NEAR TO HEART ATTACKS WHEN THE CANADIENS TIED UP THE SCORE IN THE SEMIFINALS 1 MINUTE BEFORE THE END. THEY WEPT FROM HAPPINESS WHEN WE BEAT OUR IDOLS FROM USA AND CANADA. THEY WENT TO THE STREETS TO CELEBRATE OUR VICTORY OVER RUSSIA-OUR ETERNAL RIVAL...THEY WELCOMED THE PLAYERS AT THE AIRPORT AND AT THE LARGEST SQUARE IN PRAGUE AMOUNTING 140 000 PEOPLE WAVING THEIR NATIONAL FLAGS .....
I am in tears
bye and thank you

Have not heard of any top Figure Skaters from your country. Can you give us a list of top men & women skaters to look for in the Olympics? My eleven year old daughter is very interested in Winter Olympics. She hopes to be at the next Olympics in Salt Lake City as an Figure Skater. So as you can see she is really following the skaters that will be competing against U.S. skaters.
Michiyo's Note: I wish to respond to this letter, but the person did not post the right address so here it is.

Hello there!
I've only mentioned one figure skater in my NAGANO STAR page. Have you looked at it? He's the only one with the possiblity of coming in within 5th place. There's nobody like Midori Ito or Yuka Sato in Japan at the moment. I am actually looking forward to seeing the US skaters in Nagano. They seem to be wonderful. Your daughter is among quite a competitive group. I believe there is an American of Japanese ancestry in the pair competition Kyoko Ina. I hope you will at least give me your name and your daughter's name so I could look out for her in the future.

Hi Michiyo
I read your page about the Olympics and I think you forgot to write Spain in the participating countries. I think we have a winter olympic team. They are not very good but we got a gold medal in Sapporo so maybe this time we come back to Japan... :-) Do you know who rikishi will be with the spanish delegation in the opening ceremony?
Un Saludo

He olvidado. Spain is in my Nagano list now.
The rikishi would be Aogiyama. He's ranked Maegashira number 5 for the New Year tourney. Now I have questions to ask you with regards to the Winter Olympics. Who are the prospective medalist in Nagano from Spain? And who won the gold medal in Sapporo?!
Hasta luego!

Well, we have a very little opportunities to get some medal in Nagano, but there is a spanish girl (sorry, I didnīt remember her name right now) who was making some goods results in super-giant slalom next year. Maybe in a one-day competition she could be with the best, but it's very very difficult. Really I think that the spanish team will come back without any price. Francisco Fernandez Ochoa won the gold in Sapporo. He did it in special slalom (sorry, this is the spanish name for this discipline, I don't know if this is the english name too) and it was a tremendous surprise for all the country. His sister Blanca won a brone medal in another Olympics and a lot of tournaments of the world cup. But I must say that we don't have a very good sportsman/woman in sky, although we are the second country with more mountains in Europe, after Switzerland.
Un Saludo
Eduardo de Paz

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