Last modified October 24, 2002

Today's Stars

Osamu Sato
Born Dec 16, 1976. 170 cm tall. Also nicknamed "Hulk". He made his pro debut after his family fell victims to the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995. He became Far East champion in 2001. He clinched the WBA Super Bantam Weight title from Thailand's Yoddamrong Sithyodthong on May 18, 2002 with a KO victory. His record is 26 wins including 15 KOs, and a loss,

Masamori Tokuyama
Born Sept 17, 1974. Born in Tokyo but a 3rd generation North Korean. Made his professional debut in 1994. Became Far East champion in September 1999. He became WBC Super Fly weight champion in 2000. On Aug 26, 2002, he defended his world title for the 5th time. His record is 27 wins, 2 losses and a tie.

Yutaka Niida
Born Oct 2, 1978. Made professional debut in 1996. Became Japan champion in January 2001. He beat Thai champion Chana Porpaoin in the WBA minimum weight to become world champion on Aug 25, 2001. His record is 17 wins and 3 ties.

Hideki Todaka
Born March 16, 1973. 162 cm. tall. He clinched the Japan super fly weight in 1996. His first challenge for the world title was in Mar. 1999. In a rematch with Jesus Rojas of Venezuela in July 1999, Todaka clinched the champion belt in the WBA super fly weight. to clinch the WBA super flyweight title. He defended the title twice, and gave it up to Leo Gamez of Venezuela in October 2000. His record is 17 wins 3 losses and a draw.

Takanori Hatakeyama
Born July 28, 1975. 173 cm. tall. Debued as a pro boxer in June 1993. Defends the Far East champion title in the super featherweight 11 times. Becomes the WBA world champ on Sept. 5, 1998. He defends the title once, but loses it on June 27, 1999. Then, he decided to raise his division to the lightweight and wins the WBA title from Gilberto Serrano on June 11. He defends his title in Oct. 2000 and again on Feb.2001 in a draw match but lost in to Julian Lorcy of France on July 1 2001. His career record is 24 wins 3 draws and 2 losses.

Satoshi Iida
Born Aug. 11, 1969. 170 cm. tall. Left-handed. He started boxing after entering college. His real life as a boxer began when he applied to a boxing school organized by a TV variety program. Becomes national champion in the junior bantam weight in 1994. Fails first try for the world title in 1996. Wins the WBA junior bantam weight world title on Dec. 23, 1997 and losses it a year later. Defends the title the 2nd time in July 1998. Then, he gives it up to Jesus Rojas of Venezuela on Dec. 23. He announced on Feb. 28, 1999 his retirement. Career record is 25 wins 2 losses and a draw.

Johichiro Tatsuyoshi
Born May 15, 1970. 164 cm. Right-handed fighter. Known as Naniwa no Joh, or Joe of Osaka. Won WBC bantam weight title in Sept. 1991. Regained the title in 1993. After losing it again, the Japan Boxing Commission banned him from competing in Japan because he was diagnosed with a detached retina. He won the title again for the 3rd time in Nov. 1997. Lost it in Dec. 1998. Decided to retire in August 1999 after failing to regain the title. He will return to the ring on Dec 15, 2002. Has 17 wins 5 losses 1 draw.

Keiji Yamaguchi
Former WBA junior flyweight champion.
Has a 28 win 5 loss record.
Born Feb.17, 1974 in Hakodate city, Hokkaido.
Clinched the world title in May 1996 and lost it in December the same year.

Yuichi Kasai
Born in Yokohama Nov. 17, 1967.
Made his pro debut in 1989.
Is looking forward to becoming the champion in the WBA junior featherweight division.

Hiroki Ioka
Born Jan.8, 1969. Youngest Japanese to become national straw weight champ at 18 years 6 months, and the youngest to clinch the world title. He became WBC straw weight champion and WBA junior flyweight champion. He has been trying to clinch the fly weight title too, but has so far been unsuccessful. His record is 32 wins, 7 losses and a draw.

Legendary World Champions

Yoshio Shirai
Born Nov. 23, 1923. Is at age 74, 163 cm. tall and 57 kilos.
First Japanese world champion. Became flyweight champion in 1952.

Fighting Harada
Won 6 world title fights. They include the flyweight and bantamweight titles.
Entered the Boxing Hall of Fame in June 1995.

*Hiroyuki Ebihara

*Takeshi Fuji

*Yoshiaki Numata

*Kobayashi Hiroshi

Shohzoh Saijoh
Former WBA featherweight champion.

*Masao Ohba

Kuniaki Shibata
Won the WBC featherweight title in 1971. Held it until 1972.

*Kohichi Wajima

Gutz Ishimatsu
Former WBC lightweight champion.

*Shohji Ohkuma

*Royal Kobayashi

Yohkoh Gushiken
Former WBA junior flyweight champion.
He holds the Japanese record for the most number of title defense or 13 times.

*Masashi Kudoh

*Naruo Nakajima

*Yasutsune Uehara

*Tadashi Mihara

Katsuo Tokashiki
Born July 27, 1960. 157 cm. tall. Became WBA junior flyweight champion in 1981. Defended the title 5 times. He became a TV personality in 1985. His career record is 19 wins 4 loses and 2 draws.

Jiroh Watanabe
Former WBA and WBC super flyweight champion

*Tadashi Tomori

*Kohji Kobayashi

Tsuyoshi Hamada
Former WBC junior welterweight champion.

*Takuya Muguruma

*Hideyuki Ohashi

Leopard Tamakuma
Born January 25, 1964 in Aomori.
Won the WBA flyweight title in July 1990. He lost his title in March 1991.

Kiyoshi Hatanaka
Former WBC junior feather weight champion

Katsuya Onizuka
Former junior bantam weight champion.

*Akinobu Hiranaka

*Yasue Yakushiji

Shinji Takehara
Was world middleweight champion from Dec. 1995 to June 1996.

Hiroshi Kawashima
Born March 27, 1970 in Tokushima .
Became WBC super flyweight champion in May 1994.
Has defended the world title 6 times until his defeat on Feb.20, 1997.
His overall record is 20 wins 3 losses and a tie. He announced his retirement on June 5, 1997.

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