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Born Mar 11,1985 in Ulan Bator, Mongolian. Stands 192 cm tall and weighs 153 kilograms. Was promoted to ozeki for the May 2006 grand tourney and clinched the Emperor's Cup for the first time with 14 wins. His promotion to yokozuna was after the May 2007 tourney. He became the sole yokozuna after the New Year tourney of 2010 due to Asashoryu's retirement. He recorded the most number of consecutive wins of 62 at the end of Autumn 2010 tourney. It's the 2nd most in modern sumo. His winning streak stopped on 2nd day of Kyushu 2010 tourney at 63. He has a total 40 tourney wins including 4 straight perfect tourney wins and a total 10 perfect wins. He has surpassed the tourney victory record of Taiho and broke the career win record held by Kaio.

Born Aug 10, 1985.186 cm tall.150 kilograms. From Mongolia. His real name is Mangalijalavyn Anand. He fought his first bout in 2001. He was promoted to ozeki in May 2012. He won his first tourney in Mar 2014 and elected yokozuna. His 2nd victory was in autumn 2015. He won his 3rd in Kyushu 2016. His 4th was in Osaka 2018. He won his 5th in May 2018.

Born Jul 3 1986. Promoted to ozeki Jan 2012 and yokozuna from Mar 2017 tourney. He's 189 cm tall an weighs 172 kilos. Was scouted into sumo while in junior high school and joined after finishing compulsory education. He won his first Emperor's Cup in the 2017 New Year tourney. An unanimous vote of the Japan Sumo Association decided his promotion to yokozuna on Jan 25 making him the first Japanese in 19 years. He won immediately the spring 2017 tourney in a dramatic victory after injuring his shoulder. He was unable to recover after that and retired during the 2019 New Year tourney.

Born Jan 30, 1984. 179 cm. tall and weighs 174 kilos. From Yanagawa City in Fukuoka. Was junior high school yokozuna. He won a number of national titles in high school. His first bout was 2002 January. Was promoted to ozeki after the 2011 Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament. His tourney victory in New Year 2016 made him the first Japanese born in a decade. He fell to sekiwake in 2017 after losing a majority in the New Year tourney.

Born Apr 6, 1986. 183 cm tall. Weigh 156 kilos. Was promoted to ozeki after the 2014 Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament. He won his first Emperor's Cup in Sept 2016 with a perfect record.

Born Nov 29, 1991. 191 cm tall. Weigh 180 kilos. From Mongolia. Was promoted to ozeki from 2015 Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament. He lost 13 bouts in the 2016 spring tourney or the worst record for an ozeki. He's been demoted to Juryo. In the 2018 May tourney he faced a majority loss.

Born Feb 28, 1990. 186 cm tall, weighs 174 kilos. From Ibaraki's Tsuchiura City. He was promoted to ozeki from 2017 Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament. His mother is Filipino and his father Japanese. He is a member of the Tanogoura Stable, or the same as Kisenosato.


Ruled the sumo world from 1936 to 1944. Before his emergence, the sumo arena was quite empty. People's attention was on the war with China. But as Futabayama increased his winning streak, the sumo arena got hotter. He won 69 bouts straight. This record has not been broken yet. Futabayama won the Emperor's Cup 12 times. He could have won more if the tournaments were not disrupted by war.

An apprentice to Futabayama. His first grand tournament victory was in 1941. Despite the fact that many suffered from starvation and U.S. occupation, he continued to win. He was yokozuna until the prime age of 37 and became the last prewar yokozuna.

Star wrestler of the late 50s to early 60s. Dubbed "mamushi" or pit viper, because once he gets the belt, he would not let go. Practically alternated tournament victory with Wakanohana. Achieved 10 tournament victories.

Wakanohana I
Tochinishiki's rival. Also achieved 10 tournament victories. Uncle of today's star sumo brothers, Wakanohana and Takanohana. Has later become chairman of the Japan Sumo Association.

Born Feb. 18, 1938. Became yokozuna although he was not a plump sumo tori. He won 6 grand tourneys. As Sho Sakaigawa, he became the 7th chairman of the Japan Sumo Association. In Oct. 1997, the French government awarded him the Legion d'Honneur for successfully taking the sumo troupe to France in 1995.
Michiyo's Note: I took the photo of Mr. Sakaigawa at 59. It was right after he's been presented with the honor. He said he was surprised to win it. Rather, he gave Mr. Jacques Chirac the credit for promoting sumo in France..

Sumo star of the 60s. Born Nov. 11, 1938. His very masculine style of wrestling attracted many fans. However, he missed out many tournaments due to various injuries from 1963. He won only 5 grand tourneys, and was nicknamed "a glass yokozuna". He died from a hepatic insufficiency on Dec. 8, 1996.

Was promoted to yokozuna at the age of 21 years and 4 months-- making him the youngest ever to reach the rank. Taiho and Kashiwado were promoted together. His status in society at the time was comparable to the popularity of Tokyo Giants, and egg pancake--the major Japanese delicacy. He won 32 tournaments.He pass away in January 2013.

The first college graduate yokozuna. He was dubbed "the man with the golden arm". He marked 14 tournament victories. He was ousted from the sumo world for abusing his rights as stable master.He became a pro wrestler thereafter. He died in October 2018.

Takanohana I
Brother of Wakanohana I. Also, father of Wakanohana III and Takanohana II. He was a good swimmer and broke the junior high school record of the time. He joined his brother's stable in 1965. At 18, he was juryo. 8 months after that, he was already promoted to the makuuchi division. In 1972, he became ozeki. He was lightweight but was very agile and very skillful.He won the Emperor's Cup twice. He kept his ozeki ranking for 50 grand tourneys--a record unbroken until today. His good looks and glamor earned him a acronym "prince of sumo". He retired in 1981, and the next year founded the Fujishima Stable. In 1993, it was merged with the Futagoyama Stable, and he became Futagoyama Master. He passed away due to cancer on May 30,2005. He was 55.

Broke Taiho's fastest promotion record to yokozuna by one month. He became yokozuna at 21 years and 2 months of age. The invincible man was the villain of sumo, an opposite of Wajima. He, however, is rumored to be one of the nicest persons in reality. He achieved 24 tournament victories.

Came to Japan in 1964. He's the first Hawaiian sumo wrestler to ever make it into the highest, makunouchi division, and the first to win the Emperor's Cup. His cheerful character and sideburns were very attractive. He even appeared on TV commercials. He still holds the record as the wrestler who fought in the highest division the longest--that's 97 tournaments, or 1430 bouts.

Was born a fisherman's son in Hokkaido He joined sumo in 1970. He was nicknamed "Wolf", as he had piercing eyes and a muscular body. His promotion in sumo was not a breeze. He often suffered from a dislocation of his shoulder. But he learned a skill to overcome his weakness and in the 80s became the dominant figure. He recorded 31 tournament victories. The "Wolf" retired in May '91. He made his decision when he was defeated by the then Takahanada, who later became great yokozuna Takanohana. He has taken over the Kokonoe Stable but died on July 31, 2016.

Born Dec. 31, 1963. Entered the Takasago stable in 1982. Became the first Hawaiian ozeki in 1987. People know him abroad also as the "Dump Truck". He became the heaviest wrestler. His record weight was 284 kg. Has won 3 grand tournaments. Konishiki lost his ozeki status in 1993 but has been striving hard to stay in the makuuchi division for 24 tournaments. That's the most a former ozeki had continued sumo without the title. He became a naturalized Japanese in 1994 and took on the Japanese name Yasokichi Shiota. He retired on Nov.22, 1997 and became Sanoyama. However, he decided to leave the Japan Sumo Association--thus giving up his status as oyakata after the 1998 autumn tourney.
Michiyo's Note: Konishiki became the first pro sumo wrestler to open a web page on August 26, 1996. Press here to go. He even has a link to my page!

Nicknamed "Mighty Mouse". The smallest and lightest sumo wrester weighing 99 kilos and standing 171 cm. tall. He is one of the few wrestlers who can project various sumo techniques in important bouts. Had showed 33 different types in all. He missed the entire grand sumo tournament in September 96. Since his return, he fought 5 grand tourneys in the juryo division. He has been promoted back to makuuchi for the 97 summer tourney. He has happily gotten married on May 20,1997 and immediately became a father of 2 children. He fell to juryo again from the May 1998 tourney. As juryo no. 10, he finished the 1999 Kyushu tourney with 6 - 9. He decided to retire.

Wakanohana III
Born Jan. 20, 1971. As yokozuna he was 180 cm. tall, weighing around 130 kilos. Entered the world of sumo with his brother Takanohana in Feb. 1988. Promoted to ozeki in autumn 1993. He won the Osaka and Summer Grand Tournaments in 1998 consecutively which promoted him to yokozuna--making him the 66th yokozuna. Has won 5 grand sumo tournaments. It had not been easy for Waka. He had to overcome injuries. For example, he was out from the middle of the '97 Spring Grand Sumo Tournament after seriously damaging his right thigh, but has returned for the '97 Nagoya tourney. In the '99 Autumn tourney he finished 7 - 8. He returned to fight the '00 Osaka tourney but announced his retirement after losing on the 5th day.

Born Sept 2, 1962. 194 cm tall, and weighing 163 kilos. He was popular for hurling salt up high. He was nicknamed saltshaker when he wrestled in London for sumo's overseas tour. He entered the world of sumo in 1978. He clinched the Emperor's Cup once in 1992's Nagoya tourney. He's fought 1564 bouts, placing him 6th in modern history. He retired in the 2000 Autumn tourney.

The first foreign born yokozuna --that's in 1993. Akebono was the tallest wrestler standing 2.04 meters and among the heaviest weighing over 230 kg. Made his sumo debut in 1988--the same time the famous Waka-Taka brothers did. Has been out time to time due to serious injuries but clinched the Nagoya and Kyushu tourneys in 2000. Won overall 11 grand tourney wins. He announced his retirement on Jan 22, 2001 after failing to overcome severe leg pains. Another shocking event thereafter, he announced in Nov 2003 that he'd leave the sumo association and fight in K-1 combat.In his first match against American Bob Sapp on Dec 31, 2003, Akebono collapsed in the first round.

Born Sept. 26, 1967. 180 cm. tall, weighs 147 kilos. Went pro in spring 1983. He was promoted to komusubi in spring 1991, and to sekiwake that summer. He fell to the final ranking of makuuchi in spring 2000. However, surprisingly, he finished with 13 wins 2 losses to clinch the Emperor's Cup. He became the oldest ever first-timer in winning the grand tourney. Takatoriki's married to sumo great Taiho's daughter. They have 3 children. He announced his retirement during the Sept 2002 tourney.

Stands 185 cm. tall and weighs 116 kilos. Has the looks and the body to attract female fans. His father was a high ranking wrestler Tsurugamine, and so was his older brother Sakahoko. Terao made his pro debut in Nagoya in 1979. He has appeared in 1359 straight bouts since-- the most among today's active rikishi, and the 5th best record in the history of modern sumo. His record was discontinued the day after he broke his right toe during the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in 1997. He made a comeback in the '97 Nagoya tourney. In Kyushu '99, he defeated Takanohana at age 36. He announced his retirement on Sept 2002 after finishing at juryo number 11 with 5 win, 2 rests and 8 losses.

Takanohana II
Was yokozuna, grand champion, and has led the sumo with his popularity and strenghth for over a decade. 185 cm tall and his record weight is 160 kilos as of Aug.24, 1998. He was promoted to ozeki or champion when he was only 20 years and 5 months old--making him the youngest ozeki in the modern history of sumo. He was promoted yokozuna at 22 in the 1994 Kyushu tournament. His liver problem has been bothering him to the extent that he could not participate properly in the Grand Sumo Tournaments since Jan. 1998. But he showed he was back in shape by winning the Nagoya tourney that year. He couldn't win any tourney in 1999, neither in 2000.In New Year 2001 he at last clinched his 21st Emperor's Cup. Taka's been out of tourney's since spring of 2001. He finally returned in Sept 2002, but missed out a whole tourney in Kyushu and retired Jan 2003. Taka ended his sumo career with 22 tourney victories. He ran his own stable after that, but constant disagreements with the sumo association and the incident of his apprentice, Takanoiwa physically harmed by Harumafuji at a restaurant, and physical abuse in his own stable dealt further blow to his reputation. He retired from the association in Oct 2018.

Born May 2, 1971 in Oahu, Hawaii. Is 191 cm. tall and his record weight of 222.5 kilos was marked on Aug. 24, 1998. Has gained Japanese citizenship in January 1996. Became ozeki for the New Year tourney in 1994. After the 1999 May tourney which he won--the 2nd straight tourney victory-- he was at last promoted to yokozuna. He decided to retire during the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament in 2003. He finished his fighting career with 12 tourney wins.

Born Feb.14 1972. 183 cm. tall, 174 kilos. Was sumo champion in the National Athletics Meet, high school championship, and clinched the amateur yokozuna title in 1992. He dropped out of Senshu University to join professional sumo in 1993. In just 4 basho, he made it to the makuuchi division. In the spring of 1994 he was promoted to sekiwake for the first time. Since 1996, he's been regarded as having the potential to become ozeki. Won the Emperor's Cup in January 2000 and promoted to ozeki after the the spring tourney, but fell from the rank due to a majority loss in the summer tourney. He however was back by late 2000. He retired during the 2004 Kyushu Tournament.

Born March 8, 1973 in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. 182 cm. tall and weighs 125 kilos.
His real name is Daver Batbayal. Is the 6th non-Japanese to fight in the makuuchi division. Was capable to using various sumo techniques and so has often been compared to Mainoumi as the "department store of skills". The President of Mongolia honored him with the country's second highest award called the Workers Red Flag Award. He retired in November 2006.

Born November 9, 1976. Was 180 cm tall, weighs 146 kilo. His father was former sekiwake Tochiazuma. He joined professional sumo in 1994. He was promoted to ozeki for the New Year tourney in 2002 and won that tourney. He has 2 Emperor Cup victories. He retired in May 2007 after having been diagnosed with a brain infarction.

Born April 29, 1976. 181 cm tall, 158 kilograms. Holds the longest serving ozeki record at 65 tourneys. Was a hot rider in his hometown in Oita Prefecture. He made his sumo debut in Nov 1992. He was promoted to ozeki in March 1999. He's been known for bulldozer thrusts. Won the Emperor's Cup three times. On January 13, 2010, after falling to sekiwake,and losing all 3 bouts in the New Year tourney, he decided to retire.

Born Sept 27, 1980 in Ulan Bator, Mongolian. Stands 185 cm tall, and weighs 137 kilograms. Made his pro sumo debut in Jan 1999. Has thereafter been breaking the record for quick promotion. Became juryo in Dec 2000, to makuuchi in Jan 2001. He's ozeki since Sept 2002 and was promoted to yokozuna after winning the 2003 New Year tourney. He's won the Emperor's Cup 24 times. His 84 wins in 2005 is an annual sumo record. On Aug 1,2007, the Japan Sumo Association suspended him from participating in 2 grand sumo tournaments and local tourneys in between. It was learned he was playing soccer in Mongolian in July, when he was supposed to be in treatment for a painful rear. He was permitted to fight from January 2008. In 2008, he was in and out of tourneys. In the New Year Tourney of 2009, he won for the first time in 5 tourneys. He has 25 grand tournament wins. In Feb 2010 he was forced to resign after reports of punching a man hard breaking his nose from the effects of alcohol.

Born April 11,1976. 182 cm tall, 154 kilograms. He's from Aichi Prefecture, so during the Nagoya tournament he received the biggest applause. Under his real name Tamiya he was a famous amateur sumo wrestler. He joined the professional scene in 1999. He's been long regarded as a ozeki hope. It was only in July 2007, he was promoted to ozeki. But a threat he was receiving for illegal baseball scandaling has cost him his career. He was expelled from the sumo world before the 2010 Nagoya tournament.

Born July 24, 1972. 184 cm. tall and weighs 172 kilos. Entered sumo in spring of '88 and the makuuchi division in the summer of '93. He was promoted to sekiwake ranking in 13 basho--the quickest promotion after the Showa Period. He has won awards in the top makuuchi division 15 times--the 3rd most ever. Has married a former pro wrestler in June 1999. Incredibly popular during the Kyushu basho. He is from Fukuoka. He clinched his first Emperor Cup in the 2000 May tourney as komusubi. Promoted to ozeki after a good performance in the 2000 summer tourney. Earns his 5th Emperor's Cup in the 2004 Autumn tourney. He broke the makuuchi win record held by Chiyonofuji on January 12, 2010 by defeating Chiyotaikai. He broke the career win record held by Chiyonofuji and retired with a total 1047 wins and returned during the Nagoya tourney in 2011.

Born Nov 5, 1984.198 cm tall.188 kilograms. From Estonia. Joined the sumo world in 2004. Promoted to ozeki as a result of the 2010 Osaka tourney. He won his first Emperor's Cup in January 2012. He was demoted from ozeki ranking after the 2012 Kyushu tourney. He was unable to recover from his recurring knee injury and announced in Sept 2013 he decided to retire.

Born Feb 19, 1983 in Bulgaria. His real name was Kaloyan Stefanov Mahlyanov. He gained Japanese citizenship and became Kaloyan Ando. He's 204 cm. tall and 143 kilos. He made his pro sumo debut in Nov 2002. He had speedy promotions, making it to juryo in May 2004, and to makuuchi in Sept the same year. On Nov 30, 2005, he was officially promoted to ozeki, to break the record, making it in 19 basho. He broke Asashoryu's record of 22. He was demoted to sekiwake in the 2014 New Year tourney and retired in Mar the same year. He won a tourney in May 2008.

Born April 14, 1984. 185 cm tall. 128 kilograms. From Mongolia. Was promoted to the rank of ozeki from the 2009 New Year tourney and changed his name from Ama to Harumafuji. He had his first tourney win in May 2009. He won his 4th in the autumn tourney in 2012 which has won him promotion to yokozuna on Sept 26. In the New Year 2013 tourney he won a perfect victory. He won the Kyushu tourney in 2015,the Nagoya tourney in 2016,and September tourney in 2017, making his tourney victory 9. He retires after withdrawing from much of the 2017 Kyushu tourney. It came to light he had attacked Takanoiwa, who severed his head as a result. He was ousted from the sumo world.