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gladtosee_s.jpeg"Are we glad to see you"
A schooner thought lost finally arrives in a thick 'o fog. A master with his fog technique, Clary's mystical fog scenes capture the true lore of the sea.

A giant five-master is caught on the rocks. Relive the terror and treachery that befell the many ship-wrecked mariners of the sailing era.

fearedlost_s.jpeg"Feared Lost"
A ship and its crew is long overdue and in the cold gray dawn a would-be widow cursed the sea.

jonahaboard_s.jpeg"Jonah Aboard"
Derelicts have been known to wander the seas for years sailed but by a ghostly crew.

13thcrossing_s.jpeg"The 13th Crossing"
In spite of ominous warnings, master Natas (Satan) of this ill-fated Cape Horner, set sail on Friday the 13th for his "13th Crossing." This work adorns the cover of Clary's popular book, "Superstitions of the Sea.

outthere_s.jpeg"Out There"
Visions of a ship masked by the fog....echoes of a bell in the distance...."Out There," out of the mist she is sighted once again.

eagle_s.jpeg"Eagle's Splendor"
Built in Hamburg, Germany in 1936, the German training vessel Horst Wessel was claimed as a war reparation by the U. S. Coast Guard in 1946 and renamed Eagle. Today, she proudly serves as the training vessel for the Coast Guard academy at New London, Connecticut.

flying_s.jpeg"Flying Cloud - And Still a Record"
America's most famous clipper, FLYING CLOUD is portrayed in a gale during her record voyage. In spite of this calamity, a mutiny, and another later tempest, her astounding record time from New York, around Cape Horn to San Francisco was still made.

charlesmorgan_s.jpeg"Charles W. Morgan"
Now restored at Mystic Seaport, Connecticut, America's most famous whaler, the CHARLES W. MORGAN, is depicted during her first hunt in 1841.

The renowned fishing schooner that adorns the Canadian fifty-cent collector stamp and ten cent coin.

closetheenemy_s.jpeg"Close The Enemy"
Close up action aboard USS CONSTITUTION during her battle with HMS JAVA, December 29, 1812. Believed to be the only pictorial of how it may have appeared on the decks of Old Ironsides during battle. A sliver of wood from CONSTITUTION is presented with each print.

anameironside_s.jpeg"The Naming of Old Ironsides"
The battle between USS CONSTITUTION and HMS GUERRIERE during which the name "Ironsides" originated. Included with each print is an actual sliver of wood from the USS CONSTITUTION.

bellesunrise_s.jpeg"Belle At Sunrise"
Clary's breathtaking portrayal of a Cape Horner at sunrise.

sailing1_s.jpeg"Sailing Forever"
This Cape Horner captured in moonlight will enchant those who love the true lore of the sea.

daviddows_s.jpeg"David Dows"
The largest sailing ship to have sailed the Great Lakes and the first five-master in the world, this brigantine was built in Toledo in 1881. She once beat the steamer time from Toledo to Buffalo.

ussmichigan_s.jpeg"USS Michigan"
Sailing twenty years before the MONITOR and the MERRIMAC, the USS MICHIGAN, built at Erie in 1843, was the U. S. Navy's first iron ship.

lakeeriebattle_s.jpeg"Lake Erie Battle"
"We have met the enemy and they are ours," said Oliver Hazard Perry after his victory over the British on Lake Erie, September 10, 1813.

luciasimpson_s.jpeg"Lucia Simpson"
Typical of the lumber schooners which plied the Great Lakes, the LUCIA SIMPSON was one of the last sailing ships on Lake Michigan.

jtwing_s.jpeg"J.T. Wing"
Still sailing in 1943, the Nova Scotian built J. T. WING was the last commercial schooner to sail the Great Lakes.