(TAKARA Corp./TOPPER Corp. 1970)

Dawn is mod mini size doll.
She has many friends, outfits and accessories.
They are under license of Takara in Japanese market.
Japanese Dawn is the same as U.S.
(A sticker is added to Japanese box. )
She has bend legs and real eyelashes.
Dancing Dawn and her friends has dancing gimmick.
These dolls' heads turn when you move their left arms. Takara Pico dolls has the same as their gimmick. Pico dolls were later released by Takara for Japanese girls.

Dancing Dawn, Diana, Angie,
Gary, Dale, Longlocks.
Dale's box is first standard Dawn issue.

The friend
Glori- Green eyed redhead straight long hair with no bangs
Dale- she is a Black girl, with Brown or Green eyed brunette Bubble hair. Green eyed is rare.
Angie-Brown eyed brunette straight hair
Longlocks- Blue eyed brunette hair
Jessica- Blue eyed blonde with side part Bob hair (Pageboy)
Gary- Blue eyed brunette painted hair
Van-Brown eyed Black boy doll- I don't know his hair color, because I don't have them and he wore football helmet!
Ron- Blue eyed blonde painted hair
The majorettes series is one of my favorite. They are dawn, Connie, April and Kip. These dolls has a hard plastic arms and right hand is hollowed out to hold a baton. Picture is Kip majorettes. Is she cute?

They are Dawn 'cameo mirror' store display
I especially love of them in her accsesories.
LEFT: Close-up of Japanese Booklet. RIGHT: So many beautiful outfits!