New Midge
(Mattel 1965 or 1966)

New Midge was sold only in Japan.
Her catchphrase was "best friend of Barbie".
She has molded hair and same as Fashion Queen Barbie.
Also she has wig of side parted brunette. She is not freckles face.
The pale blue eyeline and pink lips is sooo beautiful.
Her swimsuit is same as American Midge.
The face is like an oriental, and she has pretty brown eyes.
The picture is her original booklet. There is many beautiful Newmidge shown in Booklet.
There is an interesting episode about her. The U.S. Midge was not popularity in Japan....and some mothers had an opinion that dolls of Barbie was too sexy. So Newmidge is very popular of mothers and girls.

I prefer her mold hair more than wig styles. What do you think?