Hiromichi Nakano Barbie
(TAKARA 1985)

Fashion designer Hiromochi Nakano designed her.
Mr. Nakano is famous Japanese designer in Japan.
He is Barbie collector! He produced an original mold in order to make a doll of oneself. (modified of Fashion Queen Barbie mold) It is very beautiful faces. She had same body as 'My First Barbie'.

She is ponytail of blonde hair and one of special merit is beautiful nail. Her nail is very delicate. Even if you are got of them by NRFB, it is very difficult to still has nails.

They are called "American Doll" mainly in a foreign country.

Hiromichi Nakano Barbie were seven kinds.
Three kinds of they were sold in VIVAYOU shops firstly. They are hard to find compared with other four dolls. 'VIVA YOU' is main brand of Mr. Nakano.
The clothes sold for a woman in shops were designs same as doll.

It is an extra... my first Barbie was her. I was fourteen when I met her.