( MA−BA CORP. 1986)

In 1986, it was called "a path of Burahmus", and to an alley of Tokyo Field inn, a PB Store opened it.
It is called "PB BARBIE" from what was sold there.
Issue 2 store opened to Tokyo-Shibuya in the next year, but closed 2 store together in 1988.
It was sold in department stores after a PB Store closed.

PB Barbie has two kinds of head-mold, one is type for 1967's and another one is type for 1961's.
There are the old types of Bubble Cut ,TNTand Ponytail.
PB's bubble cut looks full-cheeked than usual 'Bubble Cut Barbie'.
As for the outfit, there are many kinds such as thing as a familiar "Solo in the spotlight", color difference of "Masquarade" "Gay parisienne" with vintage barbie. And there were some KIMONO, FURISODE too.

Right: PB Barbie in Uchikake

These clothes are Japanese bridal dresses named "Uchikake".
The outer kimono has no OBI,inner kimono has silver brocade obi.
Accessory is Kanzashi(hair ornaments),fan,tabi(socks) and zori. She is a doll having a very interesting characteristic.
Because she had unique wigs.
This wig is made by vinyl,and hair style was Japanese coiffure.
It is called "NIHONGAMI".



The picture shows left PB Barbie, original PB.
(PB Barbie Attack Model)

My partner owner of Music Studio and label, and he released omnibus record from his label several years ago, a cover picture of that jacket was 6O's GO-GO girl.

He asked "MA-BA" to make this PB BARBIE as same style and costume as
"cover girl" of his record. Because a president of MA-BA Corp. loved garage sound, in his story in those days, it is that I undertook this story agreeably. For 1984 years, it is a thing for ten years already.

"PB Barbie Attack Model" was only three in the world!!!
Their all handmade dress is delicately different in each.
The photo's left PB was owned of his friend.
Through long time, she is back to our place!
Unfortunately her vinyl dress is a little dirty, and applique of chest was unstuck. But we are very happy!!