Eli in beautiful Japanese outfit. Which Eli do you like?
Some dress was not shown in any booklet.

IKI IKI ELI <Living Eli>
( MATTEL, Inc. 1970)

She was sold only by Japanese market in 1970.

She is Japanese Living Barbie's friend and Japanese name is IKI IKI ELI. Iki Iki is ACTIVE meaning.

Eli has beautiful brunette hair and two-tail is so cute. Her original hair ribbon is blue. The original outfit is red jumpsuit. (leotard)

It is the same style as Japanese Living Barbie's, but different in color.

Head-mold is the same as Tulie-chan, Chouho-chan and Sweet16.

Iki Iki Eli NRFB. She has X-stand. Unfortunately a booklet hides in a box.The below is a picture of a boxtop.

The rarest doll is Sun-Sun Eli. She is malibu doll. It is really hard to find. Body parts is same as Malibu Barbie.

Other Sun Sun series is Skipper and Francie. Skipper is the same as Sunset Malibu Skipper. Sun Sun Francie is different from Malibu Francie. Her face is vintage Francie and body is Malibu Francie.They was sold only by Japan and Europe market. Also they are extremely hard to find.

<Living Barbie> (1970)

When she appeared, a unique campaign was enforced.
The sticker said "Torikaekko Sale". It was to change IKI IKI Barbie for old Barbie. Japanese Living Barbie was only redhead.
Head mold is the same as TNT Barbie. Iki Iki Barbie made by 1970 is side glanced eye, in 1971 is center eye.
The original outfit is hot pink leotard.