Beautiful Kimono in Japanese Francie

( MATTEL 1966 )

She is a MODern cousin of Barbie.
In Japan, Francie was put on sale after Ken,Skipper and New Midge in 1966.
There are four kinds of Japanese Francie. The most popular Francie had brunette hair, blue eyes, pink lips and brown eyebrow. Some of Francie dolls had blue eyes, red lips and dark brown eyebrow. They are rare stuff. And blonde Francie was sold in Japan with them also.
The most rare Japanese Francie doll had dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, rose pink lips and dark brown eyebrow. It is very hard to find today.

LEFT: FR1264 RIGHT: FR1256
The stands were included to Japanese MATTEL (Kokusai Boueki) all dolls. Barbie,Ken,Skipper and New Midge. Those stands are very luxurious!!
A name is carved with a golden letter on a part of a pedastal.
These pedastal stands are EXTREMELY hard to find today.
It is an extra, the similar stands which imitated this were included to "SCARLET dolls" later. Three kinds of booklet for her was sold in a Japanese market.
"FRANCIE as fashion doll of dream" was her catch phrase.
I think it is that was well said. Do you think so??
There is a type released only in Japan to her outfit. Those most are designs to be neat and clean different from mod image of original Francie.
Especially KIMONO(FURISODE,KOMON etc..) is beautiful.
Japanese Francie and Japanese outfits are very popular in Barbie collectors currently.

*This blue gingham check sheath , school girl style dress is not shown in any booklets.

'Francie song' which praised for her long eyelash appeared in a Japanese booklet. (I love you Francie, you've long eyelash and lovely eyes, you look so beautiful whatever you wear, stylish doll Francie...)