Walking Nana in box and Nana wig.
Ski fun Nana is sample (Prototype).

(SHIBA Corp. 1971)

Rainbow nana was born from the rainbow. Her big black eyes are very beautiful. She has seven colors wig.
(Blonde, brown, blue, green, red, pink purple)
The doll of color hair was unusual in those days.

Nana's birth story is written in a booklet.

She was lonely fairy who lived in a rainbow and she looked at earth with a telescope from a rainbow. She was crying when she looks the situation that people live pleasantly. She prayed to God, crying over.
Oh please, I want to become a human friend...

The tears which she shed became a rainbow and reached earth, and she was reborn to a cute doll!!

She has a boyfriend named Kenji, girl friend is Mirei and family is daddy & mammy.
There are also suntan versions,
" Hiyake shichatta Niji no
Nana-chan" and " Hiyake shichatta
Her house is two variation. One is called Rainbow Nana-chan's House.'
Accessories Nana-chan's boat set
table set and Kitchen series.

L: Nana-chan's dad and mam

Mom has mirror. Dad has golf set.

R: Suntan Nana and Kenji-kun

All Suntan series is included of surf board. Suntan Kenji has gold chain pendant. Pendant top was several kinds.