(TAKARA Corp. 1974)

Pico is cute tiny dolls.
When you raise her hands, she shakes her head.
"Raise her hands, and she goes <yeah-yeah>." was her catch phrase.
(Just before she was put on sale, in the middle of the 1970's, there's a word in fashion "ye-ye".)
She has blonde, long hair with black eyes, coral lips. Her hair is blond fundamentally.
But hair color of the latter period is brown. #2 PICO's face is big, and different in an atmosphere compared with early pico.
She was very popular in Japan on mid 70s, probably I think her size was matching for tiny hands of Japanese girls.

*RENOWN Company commercial message in 1967."YE-YE"

She has two friend, black hair Aki and redhead Clara.
The popularity of the PICO furniture was very high, and many kinds were put on the market. The furniture is mainly white color design of the rococo style.

Her abundant OUTFIT seems to have included KIMONO.
This is a unique Pico's chest.
A hanger and a suit are included inside.


Pico's house is two kinds.
Dining room and Living room.
(Photo is Dining room)

Her house is very elaborate.
And there was very much miniature furniture too.