(TAKARA 1969)

Though she is rather short, 9.9cm in height, was as popular
as Licca because she has various houses (such as Chi-chan's mansion). Chibikko Chi-chan has many friend.
They were called Chibikko-mate. And it is called Chichan-mate from the third. The first friend is Tonchan, Kurichan, Keichan (her elder sister), *Micchan, *Sacchan, Tohru-kun and Toshibou-chan. (*Sacchan and Micchan is sister.) The second friend is Akachan (baby), Mam of Chi-chan, Kakochan and Wanchan (dogs). When NEWLICCA (The second Licca) was released, and her unique magnet shoes appeared, Chichan changed shoes identically. Her magnet stand is oval shape. They are some variety of color and design. The third friend is Nokochan, Kurichan, Kayochan, Tekochan, Fuuchan and Himawari-sensei.

She has so many houses. They are little part of them.
Chichan Osanpo Bag, Chichan dining room, Chichan deluxe house and Chichan Hawaii no Ouchi.

The red roof was made by plastics. They have the structure that resembled "first Licca Trio house" very well.

Osanpo bag is very unique case.
You can see each dolls from their round window.

The Hawaii house is most unique and typical.
They has soft feel of grass.

The most special friend is "Kurochan-mate", they are black dolls. They named from nut! Almond Amo-chan, Peanut Nut-chan and Coconut Coco-chan. How wonderful sound! They has two kind of each about hair color.Amochan is green and orange hair with bubblucut. Nutchan is pink and brown hair with long straight hair, the prettiest freckle face! Cocochan is purple and deep yellow hair with double ponytail. I think that Kiddle "Kollector" loves them!!

Minami no kuni kara yattekita Chi-chan no Kurochan mate.
(Kurochan mate of Chichan friends from south island.) They are sooo prettiest!