2017 JAPAN SERIES: Yokohama BayStars vs Fukuoka Softbank Hawks

Modified on November 5, 2017

4 games to 6
Most Valuable Player:Dennis Sarfate


November 4 at Yahuoku Dome (audience 36.118)
The BayStars took over the lead on Jose Lopes's RBIs. But the BayStars closer Yasuaki Yamasaki gave up a equalizing home run to Seiichi Uchikawa. The game went into extra innings. In the bottom of the 11th inning, Keizo Kawashima hit in a run to end the game 4 to 3. Dennis Sarfate successfully closed the game.

November 2 at Yokohama Stadium (audience 27,170)
It's a see-saw game. Yoshitomo Tsutsugo homered a 2 run. The Hawks took the lead on Akira Nakamura's 2 run home run. The BayStars tried to catch up and it did on Toshiro Miyazaki's RBI. Then the BayStars luckily recorded a run when the Hawks infielder fumbled the ball. The BayStars won again 5 to 4.

November 1 at Yokohama Stadium (audience 27,162)
The Hawks starter Tsuyoshi Wada gave up 2 runs in the 5th inning and stepped down. The BayStars starting pitcher Haruhiro Hamaguchi only gave up 1 run in 8 innings. The BayStars won 6 to 0.

October 31 at Yokohama Stadium (audience 27,153)
Former Seattle Mariners Kazuhiro Sasaki opened the game with a ceremonial one bound pitch. The Hawks hit in a run first. Seiichi Uchikawa did it. 2 more runs were hit in. The BayStars Jose Lopes homered. BayStar players attempted to get on first base no matter what, including sliding into base. It worked at times, but not all the time. The Hawks won again 3 to 2.

October 29 at Yahuoku Dome (audience 36,082)
Alfredo Despaigne's hit again marked the first run of the game. In the 6th inning, the Bay Stars equalized on Takayuki Kajitani's home run. In the 7th inning, the BayStars short stop fumbled. Then the Hawks Akira Nakamura hit in a run, then another runner slid into the base. The referee said it was an out. But based on a video judgment the verdict was released. With this the Hawks beat the BayStars 4 to 3.

October 28 at Yahuoku Dome (audience 36,183)
Pacific League champion was powerful from the first inning. Alfredo Despaigne hit in 2 runs. Then Isamu Hasegawa blasted a 2 run home run in the 2nd inning. In the 7th inning the BayStars hit in a run from Kodai Senga who started. But that was all. In the bottom of that inning the Hawks was uncontrollable, hitting in runs after another. In the end the Hawks won 10 to 1.

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