2019 JAPAN SERIES: Tokyo Giants vs Fukuoka Softbank Hawks

Modified on October 25,2019

4 games to 4
Most Valuable Player:Yurisbel Gracial


October 23 at Tokyo Dome (audience 44,708)
The Giants ace pitcher who's still recovering from an injury, Tomoyuki Sugano started. But he was not fit. Gracial hammered him with a 3 run home run. Even though Kazuma Okamoto homered, the Giants could not catch up. The Hawks won 6 to 2. The Hawks clinched the championship title. After the game both teams came out to lift up Shinnosuke Abe who with this game wrapped up his playing career.

October 22 at Tokyo Dome (audience 44,411)
Young Yuki Takahashi started for the Giants. He was supported by Yoshiyuki Kamei's homerun. But Yurisbel Gracial homered to equalize. The Hawks took the lead with Despagne's RBI. Kamei homered againt to equalize. But the Hawks hit more and the Hawks won 6 to 2.

October 20 at Yahuoku Dome (audience 37,052)
The Hawks exploded with home runs by Nobuhiro Matsuda, Yuki Yanagita and Shuhei Fukuda's 2 run home run. Kazuma Okamoto batted in 2 runs. Shinnosuke Abe hit himself on base, but there were poor assessment by the Giants runners on base. The Hawks won again 6 to 3.

October 19 at Yahuoku Dome (audience 37,198)
Kodai Senga started for the Hawks. 40 year old Shinnosuke Abe who will be retiring after the series, blasted a home run in the 2nd inning. But Yurisbel Gracial slammed a 2 run homerun to take the lead. Then an RBI by Akira Nakamura. Yuki Yanakita hit in a run. The Hawks beat the Giants 7 to 2.

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