"Enchanting Samantha" is a doll released from IDEAL company in 1965.
The 12" high Samantha doll nicely resembled actress Elizabeth Montgomery right down hair style.
Her dress is flight clothes of a red witch,and accessories are broom.
Unfortunately a photograph of top is a replica doll.
This doll uses Ideal's 'Glamour Misty'.
A right photograph is original Samantha doll.

'Bewitched' was televised in Japan and won popularity.
In Japan, a title was "Okusama wa majyo".
(Means 'My wife is a witch'.)

Original Bewitched doll is very high price.
'Bewitched' doll was released from a F.A.O Schwalz toy store afresh recently.

Samantha Stephens... Elizabeth Montgomery
Darrin Stephens (1964-69)...Dick York
Darrin Stephens (1969-72)...Dick Sargent
Endora...Agnes Moorhead
Lally Tate... David White
Abner Kravitz...George Tobias
Gladys Kravitz (1964-66)...Alice Pearce
Gladys Kravitz (1966-72)...Sandra Gould
Maurice...Maurice Evans
Aunt Clara...Marion Lorne
Uncle Arther...Paul Lynde
Dr. Bombay...Bernard Fox
Phyllis Stephens...Mabel Anderson
Frank Stephens (1964-66)...Robert F. Simon
Frank Stephens (1966-72)...Roy Roberts
Esmeralda (1969-72)...Alice Ghostly