U.S. Kenner Blythe

AiAi chan -Blythe-
(Kenner 1972 / Tomy Corp.)

Blythe is really COOL!!!!! I was excited when I met her in the first time! She sold with 1972 by Kenner. The licensed by TOMY in Japan. Blythe of Japanese name is "Mahou no Hitomi AiAi chan". It means "Eyes of magic AiAi chan". They are different from U.S. about outfits. AiAi-chan is extremely hard to find today. So I think that AiAi wasn't popularity in Japan.

Explanation of a box liken to jewelry about her eyes. They are Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Topaz.

Her pantie is white color. I thinks that extremely resemble panties of Licca and Japanese Fashiondoll. Also her dress.

LEFT: The then valuable data of offering from Takeshit (COCOBAT).
She has abnormally large heads, and pretty long eyelashes. When you pull string of her back heads, they change color of eyes. They are from green to pink to blue to orange.
Behind her each ear has a small hole for sun-glasses. Wow!!
I know her hair kind of four colors. They are blond, brunette, redhair and dark brown.

Her wig is color of a strawberry, lime, blueberry and lemon.

Here is "Fashion wardrobe case" of her. As for the contents, there is one chest made by paper.

They outfits aren't original, but she looks good in any outfits!
In 2001 years, she is reborn by Takara toys. I think the repro 'NEO' blythe and original blythe has different charm. Takara blythe has a "cute" atmosphere and original has cool taste. Anyway, her mysterious charm is really magic!