The first LICCA (Shodai Licca)
(TAKARA Corp. 1967)

She has beautiful long hair of chestnut, with black eyes and coral lips. Also, her puts on red ribbon to both sides of hair. Almost her hair style is long hair, but they has four kind of hair. One is pretty up-hair style, double pony tail (pig tail) style, and thick braid style. They are very hard to find...

The first Licca called "Shodai Licca". It can distinguish the generation by the eye print. The first Licca has only one of white dot in dark eyes.
There is several kinds of structure of her body.
As for the characteristic of a body of the first Licca, both arms are connected, and a waist doesn't turn a twist. She has navel also.

LICCA#1 and #2 is 21cm in height. LICCA#3 is 21.8 cm,
LICCA#4 is 22.4 cm, LICCA#5 (Pinky Pink Licca) is 22 cm.

From then onwards, she has by far been the most popular doll in Japan. She has been model-changed repeatedly, has a family of nine at present.

They are quite many friend dolls of hers.
Izumi Satou is first girl friend of Licca. She has blonde long hair, beautiful eyes and pink lip. Her chatchphrase is Kirei na Izumi-chan. Means beautiful Izumi-chan. There is two kinds of Izumi. The early Izumi has seven of painted eyelashes. The second term is four of them.
Also, her hairstyle changed. Early Izumi is "No bangs".
Wataru Tachibana is first boy friend of Licca. He is molded hair. He brother is Goro Tachibana. Goro-chan is molded hair also. Wataru's catchphrase is Kakkoii-Watarukun. Means cool wataru-kun.
Kurumi Satou is little sister of izumi. Kurumichan has chestnut short hair and pretty funny face.

Rie Kayama is a sister of Licca. She is a stewardess. Rie has shiny blonde bodded hair and beautiful big eyes. She appeared once in 1971, and it isn't sold afterwards. Almost her outfit is stewardess dress. It's so really MOD!

In Japan, Group Sounds was very popular where they appeared. It was reflected in Licca, and outfit same as name of a musician was some sold.
They are Tigers, Spiders, Tempters, Carnabeats and Villege Singers.

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They are five varieties. The contents are equal entirely, but a picture of outside varies. One is very unusual houses which is white. All of Licca house has two sofas of bright green and matching table. A superfluity talk about Licca house.....I heard that a Liccahouse had Japanesque style of interior decoration. ( Called Licca house Nihonma ) But I have never seen the real thing!

*There is "Licca instant house" which made by paper, but nobody knows that it put on sale before 'Licca Dream House' or after one.
The kinds of the instant house are type-A and type-B.
(Photo is type-B)

It includes television, sofa, refrigerator, etc. They also made by paper.Various kinds of houses have been made, which always reflect the demands of the times, showing the changes of the modern Japanese culture to us. There are eager collectors of houses.
Licca's furniture and other house (Coming Soon!)


The suntan version of Licca. She is Smaller than Licca, 20 cm in height. Pichi-Pichi Licca was an epoch-making doll!! Her neck inclines a little, so most pretty girl! It was an attempt for her, to look pretty. She has pale blonde of long straight hair of side part. She is Malibu doll.
Her catch phrase was " Oshare na Koudouha Pichi Pichi Licca". ( Fashionable activism, Pichi Pichi Licca )The word "Pichi-pichi" means young and lovely.
There's another version with a swimming suit named "KURONBO LICCA"(Kuronbo mean Black.) whose skin is darker than Pichi-pichi Licca's.
There are two types of outfits, one is for mountain climbing and the other is for sea bathing.
There's very interesting accessory, that is the magazine titled 'Expo Highlight' whose feature article is on the international exposition, and its cover is the picture of "Taiyou no Tou " created by the famous artist TARO OKAMOTO as the symbol of Osaka Expo. Yes, it was such a big event for the Japanese then!
(By the way, I was born in the next year.)

There are two houses,
(Pichi Pichi Licca "Bessou" and "Yamagoya"
SAWAYAKA-LENA was put on sale in 1972, as a Hawaiian friend of pichi-pichi Licca. Her mold was the same as Izumi (the latter one), who was a friend of
Licca the first. Lena has long blonde hair and her skin was as dark as Pichi-pichi Licca's. Many collectors want to get Lena, but she's verrrrrrry hard to find today.