Both of them are New Licca.
Their look excessively differs by eye paint.
I think either is pretty so each individuality!

The second Licca (2 <ni> dai me Licca)
(TAKARA Corp.1972)

In 1972, she appeared by a name of New Licca-chan. Her hair style changed greatly. They have beautiful hair of bright chestnut, and typical center parted style. Also, she has hairpin of white rose. Harumi has hairpin of pink rose and Patricia has blue rose. NewLicca shoes has great characteristic...magnet is buried in the sole. "She can stand anywhere!" booklet said. Her doll stands are round and are magnet board of print of a rose.
LEFT: She wears a dress of vinyl leather trimmed by luxurious rabbit fur.
Her new friend is Harumi and Patricia. They are new trio called Nakayoshi-Trio. Harumi-chan has beautiful blond hair and cute eyes of green. Her mold is same as Isamu-kun. (Boy friend doll of 2nd Licca) Her sister is Emily Asaoka. (She is doctor)

Patricia is called Patto-chan. She is very unique doll. Patto-chan was two variety. The first Patto-chan is Henshin Patto-chan. Henshin-Patto chan is grow up dolls. Patto-chan is dress of two ways and they has unique mask. There was in all them 20 kinds.

For exsample.... Change from Stewardess to nurse, from patto-chan to ballerina, from Jyudo fighter to Maiko...

The second Patto-chan is Tarent Patto-chan. (singer star pattochan.) Her body was very interesting gimmick. When she wore a dress, a device as a framework of an umbrella is got on a body as petticoat so that a hem swells out. It is the device which an umbrella opens when her foot is pushed. Also an umbrella closed when her foot is pulled. Therefore, as for her outfits, there were many long dresses.

New Licca-chan House
Their shape is same as Licca Dream House. But a sofa, table and background cards is different from them. They carpet is orange color magnet board! The new Licca can stand on them.

"We had real fun at your house, NewLiccachan!"
"We also enjoyed, Shodai Liccachan!"
We would like you to spend it with us at my house!!!!