(TAKARA Corp. 1970)

Lady Licca was one of the most popular character among them, and is still pretty popular among the collectors.
She was made with the aim of appealing to the girls who are senior to the Licca fans. She is taller than Licca, 25.5cm in height. Her hair is pretty long and straight, and each color of hair has a different name....BOBBY, MAXI, RUBIAN and ANGEL.
These side part hairs make her much more beautiful.

Her full name is Licca Kitahara.
She attends an American high school in Japan.
You can tell from the fact that Licca and Lady Licca is another person. The age group of her fans was higher than that of Licca. She has two friend-dolls. Aya Shirakawa and Junko Hanazono. Both of them are as tall as Lady Licca, and have long curly hair. Jun has characteristic big eyes like Rie(Licca's big sister). Aya has charming melancholic eyes.
(Their bodies are the same as the first Licca-Mama's ORIE.)
They were called "Lady Licca Hana no Trio". (Lady Licca, Flowery Trio) The three share the same outfits.
I think the casual clothes are superior to the dressy ones.

The only house was "Lady Licca's flower mansion."
(The floor lamp really lights up the room!)

Above all, Licca's 'White-white furniture' which made a big hit in after
years is based on "Lady Licca's bridal furniture".
(There are 5 kinds as Make-up set, Dream-bed, Sideboard, Dining-table,Wardrobe.)

The second Lady Licca was put on sale in 1988, but she has no name.
Her catch phrase was as follows, "If Licca-chan grows up to be a lady ..."
She doesn't seem to be Licca Kitahara.