(Nakajima Seisakusho 1966)

Scarlet was very popular in Japanese girls, in the past when Licca appears.
A "Scarlet Song" for her was televised, and the girl was absorbed. So, thick her booklet has small phonograph records.
Looks are alike with Tammy dolls, and she has bend-leg with blond hair. There are two kinds of hair styles. The early Scarlet was curls hair till a shoulder with wearing hair net. Later them is long hair and has no hair net.

Canna in box of orange, Akira in box of green, Sayuri and Sumire

Scarlet has four friend dolls called "Flower mate".
Akira which is an only boys isn't her boyfriend. His head is very small compared with Scarlet and other friends. Cannna is younger sister of Scarlet. She has yellow blonde hair with straight style.Sumire is younger sister of Akira. She has brown hair in cute two ponytails. Sayuri is cousin of Cannna. She has brown long hair.

Scarlet has some furniture and doll case (house). The furniture called "HIGH-LOOK FURNITURE". They are Bed, School desk, Dresser, Wardrobe and Sofa-Set (for drawing rooms). These were inherited as furniture of Rocotan dolls of later.

Deluxe House is matching of Scarlet.
tiny dresser-made by paper on mirror
A white table of lozenge and two chairs. Cushion of a chair is made by vinyl on red block check. A red television of tiny size.