Curl Choucho-chan

Choucho chan is friend of Tulie chan, also she has "quick curl" hair. It is cute so double ponytail style and she has pretty hair ribbon. She is the same head molds as "Iki Iki Eli" .
Her hair color is brunette, blonde and redhead. They are in blister package.
Choucho is the same flat shoe as Skipper. Also, she has same bodie.

Choucho means butterfly, so they has wings of butterfly made by paper. You can put them back of her!!
Her original outfits has applique of butterfly. (hem of dress)The other outfits is the same "BEST BUY" as Skipper.

I don't know if there is a doll house or any other item.
(If someone knows it, please let me know!)