She loves Peter Max.

(Nakajima Seisakusho 1973)

She was modeled after a certain heroine in the comic magazine, which was popular among girls. An author of comics is Hiroko Komoda.
She is 24.8 centimeters in height. She has cute freckles.
Her joint of neck is very flexible, so you can pose freely of them. She had a molded head and many wigs... a blonde straight hair, blonde bubble hair, brown curly hair, purple puppy-tail hair.
Also has "Walking Stand" which enables her to take a walk.
One of characteristic of Rokotan is big glasses. Glasses's flame is red.

Rokotan's pet is dog and alligator. Her outfit has an applique of alligator often. Rocotan fashion is like a mid '70s.

Her furniture is same as SCARLET. Because both of by Nakajima dolls.
They are bed, wardrobe, dresser, sofa-set and desk. She had many houses...Rokotan's fruit parlor, beauty salon, etc


There is also a large version of talking-Rokotan
(50 centimeters tall). She speaks Japanese and some English, wow!!!

L: Summer Rokotan

The Suntan Rocotan is malibu type doll. She has light brown skin and green eyes. The normally Rokotan has blue eyes.
They has many pretty beach outfits.

Sorry, right Rocotan's "Yukata"
is not original. It is Licca's Yukata dress.
But I think that Yukata is very matching of her.