Poppy chan as "La Seine no Hoshi" , Poppy-chan as Agnes Chang ,
as Rin Rin and Ran Ran (Twin's singer), as Junko Sakurada and
Poppy chan as Nana Okada.

Star Ningyou

She plays the role of various star singers. "SAKURA HARUNO" a Popy-chan's real name. All the singers are actual persons that were popular in the '70s.
They are Theresa Ten / Agnes Chang / Jyunko Sakurada / Rinrin Ranran (Twins singer) / Mari Amachi / Hiroko Hayashi /Liry's (Twins singer) / Candie's / Nana Okada /,and so on.

Their hand is bent to hold a microphone. Each doll is dressed in different clothes, but has the same face.
It is ROBIN-chan that only head-mold is different with POPPY.
Robin-chan is a heroine of popularity TV program "Ganbare Robocon".
She wears costume of ballerina style.

Left: A doll of "A soldier of love 'L'ETOILE DE LA SEINE' " of an anime else is released in Popy-chan series. 

Right: Popy chan as "Agunesu chan".
She has very unique wig by vinyl.
Her Kimono is Japanese traditional wedding style called "Hanayome san"

Robin chan in Box. The stands of Robin-chan are heart shapes.
It can turn of her.
Close up Robin chan. It is so pretty!!
There are two kinds of "UTA-NO-STAGE"
a doll house.
"Uta no stage" is like a hatbox shapes. They has microphone, microphone stand, some flower and two kinds of background cards.
The outside of a CHATEAU has paper sleeve cover. Dressing room has an attached mirror. Also has flower print bed, matching bedding and pillow.